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Anilan HP87 is an oil soluble acid form of phosphate ester anionic surface active agent based on aliphatic ether. Low to moderate foaming.


Acid form of oil soluble anionic surfactant may be neutralised with alkalis.

Excellent emulsifier for oils.
Exhibits extreme pressure lubricant properties in both water and oil based formulations.

  • Lubricant additive for oil based and emulsion based metal working lubricants.
  • Emulsifier for hydrocarbons.
  • Dispersant for fillers and pigments in solvents and polymers.

Typical Properties

10% in paraffin oilSoluble
Appearance at 20°CHazy paste
Aqueous pH2 - 3
Solubility in WaterDispersible
Specific Gravity1.02


Acid value pH 5.278-85 mgKOH/g
Appearance at 30°CAmber clear liquid

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