Anikem - About Us | Anikem Ltd, UK

Anikem was formed in 1991 by John Minogue and Paul Duggan. With their long experience in the surfactant industry, Anikem can offer assistance in selecting the most effective products in a large number of applications. Anikem brings a range of surfactants and related chemicals to the market. Anikem supplies surfactants to customers across the UK and Europe as well as exporting to America, India and far eastern markets.

Anikem's surfactant product range includes anionic, nonionic, cationic and amphoteric surfactants eg dodecyl benzene sulphonate, phosphate esters, sulphosuccinates, ethoxylated styrenated phenol, sulphated butyl oleate, alcohol ethoxylates, benzalkonium chloride, amide oxides, betaines. Also chelates, pine oils and tall oil fatty acids.

Anikem supply to a wide range of industries, including textiles, agrochemicals, paints, detergents, personal care, industrial and institutional cleaners, adhesives, emulsion polymers, pigments, metal finishing.

Anikem offer a large range of emulsifiers and dispersants as well as both high and low foaming detergents and surfactants.