Welcome to Anikem limited

Anikem Limited is an independant supplier of surfactant products for a wide range of industries, markets and applications. Anikem distributes surfactant products to markets in the UK, Europe and world wide. Our range of products include: nonionic, anionic, amphoteric and cationic surfactants. In addition to surfactants, Anikem offer a range of complimentary products such as chelates, pine oils and terpenes.

Our Products

  • Nonionics

    Our of Nonionic surfactants are based on a variety of natural and synthetic alcohols and oils. With a range ethoxylation to suit applications in emulsification detergency, wetting and dispersent applications. Both high and low foaming products are available.

  • Anionics

    Our Anionic surfactants include a range of phosphates, sulphates and sulphonates, sulphosuccinates. Anionic surfactants can be neutralised with sodium potassium or alkanolimines.

  • Amphoterics

    With a varied range of applications our amphoterics can be supplied in both a high and low foaming capacity, our amphoteric's versatile properties provide stability in detergent formulations and a mildness in toiletry products.