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ANILAN DP8A is a non-ionic dispersant which has been developed especially for use as wetting and dispersing agents in the manufacture of pigment pastes and slurries.


ANILAN DP8A provides excellent initial wetting of the pigment, acts as a grinding aid and modifies the rheology to enable higher solids loading to be achieved. When used at levels between 5 – 20% on weight of pigment they can offer the following advantages over traditional dispersants:

  • Rapid wetting of pigment
  • Easier milling
  • Lower viscosities
  • Low foam
  • Improved compatibility in aqueous paints

ANILAN DP8A is suitable for use with organic pigments of the Azo,anthraquinone and phthalocyanine series as well as metal oxides, iron blues, cadmium yellow and carbon black. It is also suitable for use in the preparation of dispersions of other solids such as optical brightening agents.

Typical Properties

Active Content80%
Appearance at 25°CYellow liquid
Cloud Point (1% Aqueous)55°C
pH (1% aqueous solution)6
Specific gravity1.1 at 20°C

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