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ANILAN DG70 is a solution of sodium di-octyl sulphosuccinate in glycol and water.


ANILAN DG70 disperses in water to produce aqueous solutions that exhibit very low dynamic surface tensions. It is recommended for use as a highly efficient wetting agent at low concentrations of 0.5% or less.

It can be used in emulsification eg for mineral oils in conjunction with nonionics to improve high temperature emulsion stability. It can also be used in solvent emulsification, de-watering aids and as a water carrier in dry cleaning formulations.

Typical Properties

Active Content70%
AppearanceClear colourless to pale yellow liquid
Density @ 20°C1.05 g/ml approx
Flash Point>100°C
pH (2% aqueous)5 – 7.5


Active Content67 - 72%
Free Sulphite0.5% max
pH (2% aqueous)5 – 8

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